Hala Widowisko-Sportowa NETTO ARENA, Władysława Szafera 3/5/7, 71-245 Szczecin


Please send the entry show only through

Confirmation of entries will be sent by e-mail about 5 days before the dog show
(PDF file for printing) and will be available for download in the system



available on the website

Foreign exhibitors - up to 24.05.2024
 - for the first dog (with Catalogue)  50 EURO
 - for every additional dog (without Catalogue)  45 EURO
 - minor puppy, puppy and veteran class  25 EURO
 - Polish Breeds  25 EURO
 - Junior Handling  10 EURO/day

ATTENTION !  If the dog is registered to both shows (International and National),
the total fee for each dog is lowered by 5 Euro.


Catalog in the form of PDF file will be available for each exhibitor in the system on each of the
exhibition day, two hours before the start of judging in the rings.
 Catalogs in the printed version can be purchased in advance in the wystawy.NET system
while doing dogs entry.
 They will be available to be picked up on the day of the exhibition. The printed catalog price is 5 EUR.

PARKING: Parking in the exhibition area is provided by the city.
The fee is collected at the entrance to the exhibition area.

Związek Kynologiczny w Polsce Oddział Szczecin

Aleje Jana Pawła II 44, 70-413 Szczecin

Biuro czynne:
wtorek, środa, czwartek 15:30-20:00
Kasa czynna: wtorek, środa, czwartek 15:30-19:00

tel: 91) 434-65-09, tel: 91) 812-85-37

Konto bankowe

Bank PKO BP II O/ Szczecin

PLN 58 1020 4795 0000 9602 0155 3585

Account number for foreign exhibitors
IBAN: PL28 1020 4795 0000 9102 0256 4722